Faye LeBlanc and Owen Johnson
Faye Leblanc, Managing Director of the Northwood Foundation and Owen Johnson, Service Manager of Maritime Fuels at Models for Mental Health.
Maritime Fuels was very proud to attend the Northwood Foundation and Mental Health Foundation’s annual event Models for Mental Health. Models for Mental Health is an annual fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s Seeds of Success. This fun event has local models walk the runway in designer labels from consignment shops around the province. All proceeds for this event go to Northwood’s Seeds of Success. Seeds of Success is a mental health and wellness program that empowers participants to live their lives to the fullest.

We were fortunate enough to speak with one of Maritime Fuels’ good friends Faye Leblanc and ask some questions. Faye Leblanc is the Managing Director at Northwood Foundation.

Can you tell our readers more about Seeds of Success?

Faye – Seeds of Success is Northwood’s mental health and wellness support program.
The goal is to promote good mental health and healthy living; allowing participants to feel, think, and act in ways that help them enjoy life and cope with its challenges. It is a weekly program to focus on participants’ identified goals in a supportive, social, and welcoming environment. Whether it be through gardening therapy, arts and crafts, talk groups, the program gives residents a forum to share their feelings and provides a sense of community.

How did Models for Mental Health come to be and why is it such an important event?

Faye – The event started in 2014 and was launched for the first time in Pictou County.  Northwood partnered with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia in 2018 to hold the first MFMH event, in Halifax, to support our Seeds of Success program. It is a fashion show that brings together our community and local consignment boutiques. It is important for Northwood in particular because Seeds of Success supports people living with depression, low mood, anxiety, grief and stress to learn coping strategies and find purpose to live another day.

Are people able to volunteer for either of these wonderful causes and how?

Faye – Absolutely! We would love for people to take part in the event, to join our volunteer committee please contact Faye LeBlanc at FLeBlanc@nwood.ns.ca
The next event will be November 2020!

If you’d like to learn more about the Northwood Foundation and the Models for Mental Health event visit https://northwoodfoundation.ca/.

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