Charles Higgins, General Manager and Alexa Kanchuk, Marketing Coordinator of Maritime Fuels
On January 15, Maritime Fuels attended the 2020 Courage to Give Back Awards – An East Coast Kitchen Party at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Family SOS was the gracious host of this heartwarming awards ceremony. Family SOS assists families by providing child-centered programming and parenting workshops.

The Courage to Give Back Awards recognizes extraordinary individuals who make a difference in their communities. Though these individuals face their own challenges in their personal lives, they still make the time to give back to their communities they care so much about. This evening consisted of sharing and celebrating their stories and their triumphs.

The recipients of the Courage to Give Back Award are:

  • Quentrel Provo: Indomitable Spirit Award. After the death of his relative due violence, Quentrel created the ‘Stop the Violence’ movement. ‘Stop the Violence’ is a movement that holds marches protesting violence and connects with families who share similar stories to Quentrel.


  • Kayla Bernard: Unsung Hero Award. Kayla considers herself urbanized indigenous after moving from Indian Brook to Halifax. She has faced several challenges; losing her best friend to youth suicide and facing depression herself. Kayla now runs a youth development program through the Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development called Heart. This program focuses on youth mental health, art, and mindfulness.



  • Bev Fletcher: Amazing Grace Award. After losing her teenage daughter to suicide, Bev created a mental health education program for youth. She started a fund at the IWK Foundation and holds several fundraisers to fund mental health education programs in Halifax schools.


  • Tyler Simmonds: Brave Heart Award. Struggling with depression and anxiety himself, Tyler created a short film and found it to not only be therapeutic but also well received. He was able to tell his story of his mental health journey through film. Tyler now talks about the importance of Mental Health awareness at many youth groups, schools, and other public speaking engagements.



  • Karema Alarabi: Inspiring Youth Award. Born in Libya she immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of one. Karema has been volunteering since she was eight years old, helping other newcomers to Canada through the Veith House and Halifax Public Libraries. She has volunteered her time doing everything from making chocolate to translating health documents. Karema is a leader and mentor to newcomers of all ages.


Maritime Fuels was honoured to be invited to such a phenomenal event. It was truly moving and inspiring to hear these individuals’ stories and their contribution to supporting their communities. Congratulations to each of this year’s recipients. The recognition of your efforts is well deserved.

If you’d like to learn more about the Courage to Give Back Awards please visit

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