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Maritime Fuels a proud sponsor of Team Spicer. Team Spicer is complied of four accomplished young ladies, Kaitlyn, Abby, Mackenzie, and Gemma. Team Spicer is a U15 Junior Curling Team from the Dartmouth Curling Club in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Team Spicer shows great passion for this national sport and have been very successful this season. These young ladies recently won the U15 Youth Spiel in Lunenburg this past weekend – a terrific win over a field of 15 other teams.

Maritime Fuels was privileged enough to gain a bit more insight from Team Spicer about this beloved sport, as well as, some advice they might have for aspiring curlers.


What was it about curling that made you want to become involved in this sport?

Kaitlyn: My parents took me to the curling rink when I was young to see if it was something, I might be interested in playing in the winter. It looked like fun, so I decided to join – and I’m glad I did.

Abby: The thing that made me want to be involved in the sport was family involvement. The majority of my family plays or have played curling. Some were just recreational, but others are highly competitive. Having such a huge influence surrounding me, I figured I should try it too.  Curling also has some special qualities to it that caught my interest. In other words, it’s just a perfect fit for me – from learning different skills and techniques, to the side where there’s an immense necessity for trust, teamwork, commitment and friendship.

Mackenzie: A friend at school was already curling and invited me to come out for a Learn to Curl event. I fell in love with the sport! Curling is an awesome and supportive community that makes it easy to make friends.

Gemma: I was young when I started, about four or five years old, because I saw my parents play all the time. But my brother is the big reason I got into curling. He was on a team and playing constantly so I asked to start curling, mostly because it looked fun, and I wanted to be just like my brother as a child.


How long have you been curling for individually and as a team?

Kaitlyn: I have been curling since I was 6 years old, so this is my 9th year curling. Abby, Gemma and I have been curling together for 5 or 6 years. This is the first year Kenzie has been part of our team, but we are very glad she was able to join us.

Abby: I have been curling for six years individually, and this season is my fifth year with Team Spicer.

Mackenzie: I started curling in the fall of 2012, so this is my 8th year curling. I joined Team Spicer at the end of last season.

Gemma: I have been curling for about 8 or 9 years, but this is our first season as a team.


What’s your favourite thing about this sport and why?

Kaitlyn: My favourite thing about curling is how when you are on the ice playing a game it just feels like you’re hanging out with friends. I like that we support each other when we are together.

Abby: My favourite thing about curling would have to be the numerous opportunities out there for young curlers. All the places around the world curling can take you, the people you meet along the way and to have the chance of learning from the greatest.

Mackenzie: I love the competition and the social aspect of the game. There are many teams we play against weekly and we’re all friends. I enjoy traveling for bonspiels and meeting new people. I also enjoy winning games, and making good shots is always a great confidence booster.

Gemma: I don’t know. I enjoy pretty much everything. But I would have to say my favourite is sweeping, gets you warmed up a bit considering its quite chilly on the ice.


Do you have any advice for others looking to get into curling?

Kaitlyn: Try it! There are always “learn to curl” clinics all around the city during the season, and you meet so many new, amazing people! Don’t get discouraged if you’re not perfect when you first start out because there is always practice to do – even for the pros.

Abby: If you’re looking to get into curling, I would absolutely recommend you do give this wonderful sport a try. Although with both recreational and competitive curlers, there are needs and structures you have to know. Commitment, positivity and determination is huge if you want to improve yourself and be a part of a team. It is a very social sport with a teamwork environment that everyone would love no matter what.

Mackenzie: It takes a lot of practice to get consistent. Don’t give up, it will get easier! If you want to play curling competitively, it’s important to put lots of effort into developing your skills.

Gemma: Have fun! As much as we all love winning, you can’t expect to win absolutely everything. So if you have fun, then its more memorable.


From everyone at Maritime Fuels…Go Team Spicer Go!

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