Comfy for life
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Maritime Fuels

You could win
free furnace oil
for life!

And many other
prizes*, such as:


$100 off
Next Bill


50L Free
Furnace Oil


15¢/L Off Furnace Oil
for 3 Years

*See terms and conditions for full prize list.

Comfy for Life

Terms and Conditions

Entries have no cash value.
Entries are non-transferable.
One delivery address (residence) can redeem a maximum of 3 entries.
Winning entries for discounts on fuel can be stackable. For example, if a household
redeems an entry for 2 cents off a liter and second one for 5 cents off a litre the
winner can redeem both entries for a total of 7 cents off per litre.
Customers redeeming entries must be on automatic delivery and receive
statements and invoices electronically.
Customers must have an account in good standing with Maritime Fuels to redeem
an entry. If an entry is being redeemed by a non-customer, that person may open
an account by visiting or by calling 310.3776.
Entries can be redeemed on-line or by mailing the entry to:

Maritime Fuels
44 Orion Court, Unit 1
Darthmouth NS
B2Y 4W6

Download Read all Terms and Conditions
No coupon can be redeemed after 11:59 PM December 31st, 2018.
Customers must be on automatic delivery and receive statements and invoices
electronically. If the customer cancels their account within one year of the
entry’s (s) redemption the original face value of the discount or credit will be
charged back to the account. Some circumstances for account cancellation
cannot be anticipated; for example, an accident that forces an occupant to leave
the home, fire, death etc. Maritime Fuels will take extenuating circumstances
under consideration before a charge back is administered.
Businesses (Incorporations, LLP’s, partnerships, sole proprietorships etc.) are
excluded from participating in the contest.
Customer must maintain their account in good standing: Amounts owing to
Maritime Fuels are payable in accordance with the customer’s payment terms
with Maritime Fuels as set out in the application form and/or pre-authorization
form completed and signed by the customer and submitted to Maritime Fuels.