Our Commitment Plan

When it matters, we understand!


FREE Coverage
Warm Air Furnace

FREE Coverage
Hot Water Boiler

  • starRedAutomatic Delivery
  • starRedUnlimited parts and labour coverage
  • starRedIncludes free-standing oil-fired water heaters*
  • starRed12 Month Budget Plan
  • starRedA no run-out guarantee


Annual Warm

Air Furnace Coverage

Annual Hot

Water Boiler Coverage

  • starBlueAutomatic Delivery
  • starBlueUp to $1,000 parts coverage
  • starBlueIncludes free-standing oil-fired water heaters*
  • starBlue10 Month Budget payment terms


Annual Warm

Air Furnace Coverage

Annual Hot

Water Boiler Coverage

  • starBlueNon-Automatic Delivery
  • starBlueUp to $500 parts coverage
  • starBlueIncludes free-standing oil-fired water heaters*

Terms and conditions

In consideration of the Customer purchasing fuel on an automatic* delivery basis within the agreed upon repayment terms from Maritime Fuels, Adams Heating, on behalf of MaritimeFuels, agrees to supply the parts and services under the terms and conditions as contained in this parts/labour plan (the “Agreement” or the “Plan”). The Plan commences when signed byAdams Heating authorized representative and remains in effect for one year from date of approval and will be automatically renewed, unless terminated as set out herein. Account must be within credit terms to receive service as required. The plan includes the following:

  • Customer’s purchasing the Maritime Fuels Basics Plan are not required to be on automatic delivery.

Terms of Payment:

Amounts owing under this Agreement are payable in accordance with theCustomer’s payment terms with Maritime Fuels, as set out in application form and/or pre-authorization form completed and signed by the Customer and submitted to MaritimeFuels. The Plan contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto (other than payment terms) and there are no promises, representations, warranties, conditions or obligations other than those printed here. The division of this Agreement into sections and the use of headings is for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement. If a Customer breaks their credit terms, or in the case of MaritimeFuels Commitment customers if the Customer puts the account on a “will call” delivery schedule, Maritime Fuels reserves the right to charge all service calls, parts and labour for the past 12 months.

Excluded Services,
Maximum Coverage &
Limitation of Liability:

This Plan does not provide coverage for service calls for the following and such calls will be charged to theCustomer at Maritime Fuels’ prevailing service rates: Humidifiers; bleeding of radiators; dirty air filters; running out of fuel (if not on automatic delivery); removal of water from oil tanks;24 volt transformers; air filters; warm air zone dampers; power failures; water damage; repair or replacement of duct work or pipes; coils and domestic hot water components; checking heat exchangers for cracks; after hours calls, except for no heat or hot water; power venters and their components; direct vents and their components – chimneys and their components– commercial zone control valves – setback thermostats – in-floor heating components –frozen oil lines and parts that are no longer manufactured. Damages caused by fire, flood, acts of God, storm, accident or any other extraneous causes are not covered by the Plan.There are restrictions on geographic coverage. Ask for details. Oil automatic delivery run outs caused by fire, flood, acts of God, storm, accidents, acts of vandalism, acts of theft, wholesale supply interruptions or any other extraneous cause are not covered under the oil No Run Out Maritime Fuels Excellent Service Promise.

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